Garry offers consulting services in four key areas :

  1. To provide an education and training service at a professional and community level in the environmental planning field, including courses on
    • environmental impact assessment,
    • coastal planning,
    • the land use planning process in WA,
    • open space and place making;
  2. To provide high quality research (as a consultancy) on environmental planning matters in general but  the following specialist areas in particular:
    • open space planning,
    • coastal planning, and
    • environmental impact assessment.
  3. To provide a learning & education service, with a key aim of promoting environmental planning and these specialist areas through training, learning and study, and to advocate for better urban environments; and
  4. To use high quality and original photography in this work.

This website provides more than just information on the consultancy services offered by Garry - the website contains a wide range of information and learning resources that you are free to refer to and download where available.

This website has five sections, which you can access by clicking on the following links below or the header photos further down this page. The five sections are:

Dr Garry Middle is the director of VisionEnvironment and provides the majority of its services. Garry has extensive experience in both planning for, and researching into, the areas of open space and environmental planning. Garry is the sole author of all the photographs, and claims copyright.


Environmental & sustainability planning

Environmental planning covers a range of topics from urban conservation, air quality, water resource protection and managing risk. 

Open space planning

Planning the future of our cities and towns is no simple task. As city plans are developed and implemented,  problems and conflicts often emerge.

The availability and quality of our open space is critical in defining our urban quality of life.

Environmental impact assessment

North Freo appartments and container cranes-1.jpg

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is the process of determining the environmental impact of new proposals prior to approval being granted. EIA is a deliberative process that aims to identify significant environmental impacts and to ensure they are managed and reduced to acceptable levels. 

Garry has over 25 years experience practicing and researching EIA.

Environmental planning photo-essays

This section has photo-essays that cover specific topics that are best expressed in both words and image and are about environmental planning  issues.

Coastal planning                      

Australians love to live near, or play at, the coast. Our coasts are ecologically diverse, have a range of social values, and are economically important, whether for tourism or trade (ports). Climate change are population growth are the two biggest threats to these values. 

Our coasts can, therefore, be highly contested spaces. Coastal planning needs to be considered, take into account the full range of values, and properly engage the community.