You can download the PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations presented at this symposium. Simply click on the respective presentation title on the program below.

Day 1 – Monday February 20

Session 1 - State of IA in Australia

WA - Setting the scene for the day and IA in WA – Implications of the Roe Highway stage 8 decision;

NSW – EIA Improvement Project;


South Australia 

Session 2 - Social and economic IA in uncertainty

Designing for good economic and social impact management.

State of Social Impact Assessment in NSW Government - draft SIA guidelines

Tools to Help Handle Complexity – Reception to UQ’s Boomtown Toolkit

SIA in NSW - A broader view

The importance of government (legislation/regulation) in determining an ESIA’s level of uncertainty and the resultant risk to projects

Session 3 - Lesson from research

What determines the influence of EA on development?

How much can we expect from the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process?

The Expansion of Reserve forests in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh: Exploring the Impact on Indigenous People Lives

Session 4 - Lesson from case studies

Striking the balance - grappling with cumulative impacts

Risk tolerance and mining projects: What’s at risk and who decides?

The science and politics of uncertainty in IA: case study of Yeelirrie uranium mining project

Day 2 - Teaching and researching in IA

Teaching EIA: How well do we do it? - EmmaGyuris, James Cook University

The risks in teaching uncertainty in IA - no PowerPoint used