Garry offers consulting services in the following areas

Providing local governments and agencies advice in the following areas -

  • Coastal adaptation planning taking into account the impacts of climate change;
  • Environmental impact assessment - providing advice on proposals subject to EIA; preparation of EIS; expertise in the WA and Commonwealth EIA processes;
  • Agency climate change adaptation planning - guidance and preparation of agency-wide (government. and industry) climate change adaptation planning;
  • Public open space planning - at both a regional scale (strategic planning) and site specific planning;
  • Meeting and workshop facilitation - especially related to environmental, land use planning ing and climate change issues.

Providing training in the following areas:

  • Coastal planning and policy, especially the implementation of State Planning Policy 2.6;
  • Environmental impact assessment - the WA and Commonwealth EIA processes;
  • The WA land use planning system; and
  • Adapting to climate change.

Meeting and workshop facilitation

Garry offers meeting and workshop facilitation service. Below are some examples of his experience in this area:

  • Facilitating workshops for a Curtin University study into the socio-economic benefits of walking trails;
  • Conference convenor National Coast to Coast conference 2014;
  • Facilitating two workshops (2015 and 2013) of EIA practitioners and researchers;
  • Facilitating panels for determine CoastWest and Coastal Management Plan Assistance Program grants;
  • Facilitating meetings of the Great Victoria Desert Trust Fund Management Panel;
  • Symposium Organiser: A symposium for IA practitioners and researchers: Reimagining approvals - Strategic approaches to support Impact Assessment. February 15th and 16th, 2018, Melbourne.
  • Conference organiser/convener – 2017 State NRM and Coast Conference, August 2017, Curtin University.
  • Symposium Organiser: A symposium for IA practitioners and researchers: Doing impact assessment in the context of uncertainty and risk. February 20th and 21st, 2017, Sydney.
  • Symposium Organiser: A symposium for IA practitioners and researchers: How do we do more with less – responding to the challenges of reducing resources and streamlining. July 6th and 7th, 2015, Brisbane.
  • Symposium Organiser: Special symposium - State of environmental assessment in Australia. November 12th & 13th, 2012, Australian National University, Canberra.
  • Workshop Organiser: Aligning Federal and Western Australian EIA - The Future of Environmental Impact Assessment, 26 June, 2014.
  • Workshop Organiser: Coastal Planning and Management in WA, 30th -31st August 2012, Curtin University; 
  • Workshop on environmental offsets for the Environmental Consultants Association WA;and
  • Facilitating workshop of WA EIA practitioners on Streamlining EIA in 2014.

Below are a sample of consulting and training projects completed:

  • Coastal planning consultant for Shires of Gingin and Dandaragan Coastal Hazard Risk Management & Adaptation Planning;
  • City of Swan's Divisional Climate Change Risk Assessment;
  • Training for the officers of the the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority (OEPA) to support the implementation of  requires new Environmental Assessment Guideline;
  • Preparation of a draft assessment report for the EPA on the proposed Rosslyn Hill Mining Lead Mine Hydrometallurgical Facility and Mine Extension Proposal;
  • Advice on the robustness, rigour and impartiality of the Multi-Criteria Assessment (MCA) conducted for the Kwinana Rail Loop and Spur Study for the City of Rockingham;
  • Advice to the Shire of Augusta Margaret River on climate change adaptation planning and resilience;
  • Preparation and facilitation of Perth Hills Trails Loop MCDA Workshop for the then Department of Sport and Recreation
  • Planning and environmental advice on the proposed piggery, No 898, Lot 3616 Agaton Road, Dandaragan for the local land owners;
  • One-day course in best practice EIA for public servants from Chile;
  • Independent review of the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy's assessment of Phosphate Resources Ltd Proposal for phosphate mining on Christmas Island;
  • A one day Course in introduction to planning for professionals and volunteers in sport and recreation, for the then Department of Sport and Recreation;
  • Advice of the environmental implications of Mangles Bay Marina Proposal for the City of Rockingham;
  • CoastExchange Expert Panel Member for National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF);
  • Advice on the draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million for the City of Rockingham;
  • Appointed as single person Appeals Committee under the Environmental Protection Act (1986) to investigate appeals in objection to the Minister's decision to issue a Noise Approval Notice that sets levels on noise emissions from the Wagerup Alumina Refinery under regulation 17 of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations;
  • Appointed as single person Appeals Committee under the Environmental Protection Act (1986) to investigate appeals against the WA Environmental Protection Authority’s report and recommendations on the proposed Vasse coal mine and project, shire of Augusta-Margaret River;
  • Short Course on Introduction to Planning for professionals for the then Department of Environment and Conservation.