Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) in WA – Half day Short Course and Master Course 


The WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) carries out assessments of major projects - including iron ore mines, major roads, marinas, LNG plants, and airports – where environmental impacts are significant. These assessments, and any subsequent approval by the Minister for the Environment, often have significant implications for other decision making processes and for affected stakeholders. This one-day training course will give participants a working understanding of the assessment process, and the skills and knowledge to be better involved in future assessments.

Course purpose

The course has two parts:

1.     An intensive short course in the morning that explains the EIA processes as well as describing significant case studies;

2.     A master class in the afternoon where participants work through specific cases studies by carry out assessments to get a better understanding of how assessments are carried out and the complexities involved in doing an EIA.

This training course is about the principles and practices of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes in WA with particular focuses on the WA EPA formal assessment process (Part IV of the WA Environmental Protection Act 1986) and assessment under the Commonwealth’s Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

This course is aimed at planners, professionals, decision makers and community members who want a working understanding of these two processes. 

NOTE: PIA Members who attend are eligible to receive CPD points.

Key topics covered in the morning short course 

1.     An introduction to best practices of EIA;

2.     The WA EIA process in detail

a.     Key legislation, regulations and policies

b.    Details of the assessment process;

c.     Appeals;

d.    Post assessment - follow-up

e.     Key issues/factors

3.     The EPBC Act assessment process

a.     Details of the process

b.    Bilaterals and the WA context

4.     Important case studies.

5.     Opportunities for questions and answers.

Outline of the afternoon master course

This session is ‘hands on’ in that participants will work through some case study assessments, working in groups as an “EPA” to complete exercises in:

1.     Screening;

2.     Scoping;

3.     Assessing a proposal as an EPA;

4.     Appeals;

5.     Condition setting; and

6.     Understanding EPA policies.

Attendance options

Participants can opt to attend just one session, or the whole day (both sessions).

Those with limited understanding and just want to know how EIA works, will most likely opt for the morning short course only. The Master class will be repeated later in the year for those interested.

Those familiar with the two EIA processes and want a deeper understanding will most likely opt for the afternoon master class.

Those with limited understanding of the EIA processes and also want a deeper understanding can do the whole day.

Course materials

Attendees will receive a compressive set of notes that support the material provided in the course, as well as a hard copy of the full set of slide used in the course.

Course date and costs

The course will be held on Friday 16th June at Cliftons training centre, Parmelia House, 191 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

The short (morning) course begins at 8:45am and finishes at 12:15 followed by lunch.

The afternoon Master Class starts with lunch at 12:15, with the formal part commencing at 1pm ending at 5:00pm.

Cost for the whole day is $375, which includes catering and course material, and $200 for one session only (Short Course or Master Course), which also includes catering and course material.

Number for each sessions are limited to 30.

Registration and payment

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