Education, training and facilitation services


An experienced and qualified educate, trainer and facilitator  ...

Garry has been working as an environmental planner for over 30 years, as both a practitioner an educator/trainer, and a meeting and workshop facilitator. 

Training and education

Garry has run a number of training courses in the environmental planning discipline and can tailor a course to meet particular needs. Here is a sample of the courses Garry has run:

  • One-day course in best practice EIA for public servants from Chile;
  • A two day courses in an introduction to the WA planning system for Officers from the WA Department of Environment;
  • One  day courses in an introduction to the WA planning system for local government recreation officers through the Parks and Leisure Association of WA;
  • Half day industry training for the Office of the EPA on Environmental Assessment Guidance on environmental management plans;
  • Climate change adaptation planning for Curtin University Masters students;
  • Long-course in the practice and process of EIA, with a focus on WA;
  • Half day training on best practice coastal adaptation planning in WA;
  • Long-course on environment planning in WA.

Meeting and workshop facilitation

Garry offers meeting and workshop facilitation service. Below are some examples of his experience in this area:

  • Facilitating workshops for a Curtin University study into the socio-economic benefits of walking trails;
  • Conference convenor National Coast to Coast conference 2014;
  • Facilitating two workshops (2015 and 2013) of EIA practitioners and researchers;
  • Facilitating panels for determine CoastWest and Coastal Management Plan Assistance Program grants;
  • Facilitating meetings of the Great Victoria Desert Trust Fund Management Panel meeting; and
  • Facilitating workshop of WA EIA practitioners on Streamlining EIA in 2014.